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Patrick Ferland: Dog Training, LLC

"Best friends for life"

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Behavior Therapy:

We believe that unwanted behavior comes from dogs that aren't getting what they need in their daily lives .This causes unnecessary stress for your dog. The dog will begin to show frustration leading to what you might think is a surprise, a dog bite. Some symptoms of this type of behavior are unmanageable walking, aggressiveness towards people, dogs, the owners, and unruly behavior in the house.

In these sessions we will give the owner the knowledge and tools to communicate with their dog. During these sessions we will create a plan for you to follow everyday.

In this type of setting our reward system is different than normal dog training. Instead of making it excitable and treat filled, we will make the exercises more relaxed. It is our belief that dogs were bred to follow us as leaders so when they sense our happiness they will feel fulfilled. That in return becomes the dogs reward.

Sessions for this will typically last an hour maybe longer depending on your dogs situation. Our approach to these exercises is always humane.


 Cost: $100.00 per hour







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